\ Does this sound like you?

Career achievements have come at Health & Lifestyle costs over the past few years...


(1) Are you Finding you have NO ENERGY FOR LIFE and feel you are just LIVING TO WORK?

(2) Have you noticed the SPARE-TYRE or DAD-BOD creeping up on you recently?

(3) Are your clothes starting to feel a LITTLE TIGHTER in the mornings?



You are most probably on a solid Career path, but your health, mindset, and stress/energy levels are going in the opposite direction!

Maybe you find there seems to be NOT ENOUGH HOURS in the day for your Health & Fitness, while also correctly managing your stress levels?

You tell yourself the career is worth it, but when it’s just you, in the mirror at the end of a hard day, with no quality time to give to your own health, or your loved ones the attention they deserve – You know there is a big unbalance here!

Do you keep letting it slide?

When is the point that you start to sit back and find a new way?

This point is what we call “Finding Your Pivot Point” and we will help you do it Today!

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What is Pivot Point Coaching’s Mantra and why it will work for you?

We give you the guidance and leadership to change your life! We believe that your results are, and always will be, your own!

We work together to help you see what changes will make the most impact to you personally, to take back control of your life in all aspect, without just telling you what to do!

We do by simply focusing on 2-3 goals each week as part of a structured plan that we develop with our clients. Over just a short period of time, this adds up to massive compounding changes longer-term.

You may be like many people over the age of 30, that get into a rut when they start a new job or get a new promotion.

You may even not have a huge amount of weight to lose, but you notice that your energy levels and motivation for being active have started to wane, and the weight has been creeping up slowly each year.

Maybe you are more mentally tired than physically tired or maybe a bit of both!

What we use here is our Pivot Point Mindset Shift Coaching Program!

Our Plans differ from most “Fitness or Health Training plans”, that bring clients straight into drastic changes in their training and nutrition right away.

We actually do a 2 week diagnostics with you before we even give you any specific health or training advice. Why???

“Prescription before diagnosis is malpractice!” – Dr. Tony Alessandra

We look at your life, your schedule and the things you enjoy eating and the activities you like doing, i.e., your true passions.

We make a plan around what you enjoy, so you are more likely to actually want to do it!

We find your CORE VALUES and build your bespoke coaching plan around that!

Can you see how this is maybe what you have been lacking all this time? 

Maybe before you worked with a coach that just got you into an unsustainable diet plan or gym routine.

Maybe you even got some good initial results in the past, but then fell off the wagon or got back in your rut a short time later.

By getting to the real issues, and building you up from the foundation, we will see real life-long changes! You will see results in quicker overall time period, by starting slow and then building real momentum and progress each week!


TAKE YOUR FIRST STEP – BOOK YOUR FREE DISCOVERY CALL  with us Today to FIND YOUR PIVOT POINT TO LIFE-LONG CHANGE with our Proven Results-Driven Pivot Point Coaching System™

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\ Joe O’Connor

Down 26kgs

I am 22kg down since I started working with Simon over the first 7 months. Since then, I have not only kept it off, but went on to lose another 4kg on my own. All with minimal training equipment or complex training plans and a non-restrictive nutrition plan where I eat the foods I enjoy.

My total weight loss is now 26kg or over 4 stone in under a year!!!
I can’t recommend the course enough to anyone looking to getting fitter and chance it doesn’t matter what starting level you are at.”

Simon @ Pivot Point Comments:

Joe has done awesome, and his results speak for themselves and are his own! He was able to get these a life-changing results by committing to small manageable changes each week.
He started from a pretty low level of fitness and about 110kg. It was a pleasure to see him change and improve not only physically (down to 84kg), but more importantly the positive changes in his mindset and confidence as well.
He has not only kept the weight off but managed to reach newer goals on his own and he now has the tool of life-long health. Our goal is to give you the knowledge and confidence to be able to do this forever!

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\ Cahal Sweeney

Down 17kg

“Working with Simon I went from over 86kg at the start of 2022 to 69.5kg today (17th August 2022), that’s 17kg or almost 3 stone in just 7.5 months.

As well as Simon’s coaching is always enjoyable and engaging that you look forward to, he is empathetic and motivating coach who always took extra time to check in and ask how I was getting on.

In particular, his approach helped me see that with appropriate lifestyle modifications, you can still have the odd takeaway or night in the pub and continue to make progress, helping to break the doom and gloom loop had been stuck in with weight loss previously.

I can’t recommend his approach enough and if this worked for me it will absolutely work for you! Book a call with Simon and Get started today – you won’t regret it!”

Simon @ Pivot Point Comments:

Cahal had tried different weight loss and training approaches before. The found that they were either; too restrictive, which created a yo-yo effect where you he made progress but then put weight back on a few weeks later, or they were simply not enjoyable, which meant it was not feasible long term.
At Pivot Point Coaching we work with you specifically to work out a plan that you will enjoy that incorporates activities and foods you favour, while still allowing you to make progress each week. We work with you on the main levers that will get results and cut out all the BS!
You don’t have to be in the gym all the time, eating no treats or never drinking a beer. We allow everything you enjoy, as we build a bespoke lifestyle plan around you specifically, and not a cookie cutter workout plan of reps and salads.
What we use here we call a Pivot Point Mindset shift! We look at your life, your schedule, and the things you enjoy eating and the activities you like doing. We look at what is not working and highlight small manageable changes each week, which compound to huge physical & mindset shifts over the program!
i.e., We find your CORE VALUES and build a coaching plan around that!
If this sounds like something that you think would work for you – Contact us today to get started on your own Pivot Point plan with our help!

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\ Rich Connon

Down 15kg

“A year and a fair few kilos dropped after starting with Simon. Anyone that is looking to make a change after Covid and enjoy your training I highly recommend giving Simon a call right away.

I am down a total of 15kg or just over 2 stone in under a year!”

Simon @ Pivot Point Comments:

Rich was able to achieve this weight loss through consistently showing up and making time for his coaching and training despite a busy schedule.

If you want to make a change no matter what level you are at the first thing is to Find Your Pivot Point, i.e. The reason of the point where you really realise its time to change. We then help you develop a plan based on your schedule so that the change becomes easier each week and your confidence grow, as you see the result happening before your eyes, and even better your life doesn’t have to take a standstill.

With our programs we don’t just have you training all the time and eating salads – you choose the plan and the foods, and we provide the direction and roadmap to your success! We want you to own your results not us!

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\ Luana Lopes

Gained Lean Muscle Goal & Increased Energy & Motivation

“I didn’t have weight to lose but I was bored of my training and found with workload from my job, I had no time or motivation to train and started slipping into a sliding slope of not eating correctly, and not moving a lot after work.

Simon was able to devise a plan around my work where I now eat the foods I enjoy and found a fitness regime I enjoy right by my house. I now wake up every day to with a new lease of life.

My training is done by 8am and I now go into my workday refreshed and ready to take on the world! I have a nutrition plan that means I only cook 1-2 times a week and have healthy food that I enjoy, powering my work and life goals!

I am so happy with my new body and energy levels and can’t wait to see how this new energy helps me in my career and out of work life!

Simon @ Pivot Point Comments:

Luana is like many people that get into a rut when they start a new job or get a new promotion. You may not have load of weight to lose but you notice that your energy levels and motivation for being active start to wane. You are maybe more mentally tired than physically tired or maybe a bit of both!
This is early signs of a possible physical or mental health problem down the road, so we want to nip this early and show you that just because your career is growing your life, and the things you enjoy doesn’t have to stop!
We look at your life, your schedule and make small tweaks to get your mojo back again!
Again, no matter what you goal is, we find your CORE VALUES and build a coaching plan around that!
Find your Plan today!

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The Pivot Point Coaching System™

The 12 week Change & Transformation Coaching program for busy professionals that want to take ownership of their lives.

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Our program is a tailored coaching process to help you get life-changing results and build powerful habits that last long into the future. We help you find your Pivot Point and you won’t need to look back!

    • We uncover your limiting beliefs that have stopped you from achieving long term success with your health and fitness in the past – this is the first step to Finding your Pivot Point of Change.
    • We look at all aspects of your life, including training, nutrition, mindset, family time and lifestyle factors to create a bespoke plan for you!
    • Each week we add & build simple goals that are doable and achievable, and tailored to your existing schedule and lifestyle so they will work long-term.
    • We get you focused and build good habits, to really see changes in your body and mind.
    • We help you have it all – Career, Family, Health and happiness to achieve a true work-life-health balance.

Frequently Asked Questions

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The initial coaching period is set out over a 12-week period. This is where you will see the biggest shifts and results.

We use the first 2 weeks to find the Pivot Point (Diagnostic Stage) and then we build from there by compounding your results each week over the 12 weeks.

This “Diagnostics period” is something that is usually overlooked by many people when you may have started coaching or training programs in the past. They just go hammer and tongs with no real reason why!

By looking deeper into your “Why” and Finding your True Pivot Point in the first few weeks, we found we can create a new habit-based behaviour change approach that you will be much more motivated to stick to and thrive… we even sometimes find we need to hold some of our clients back when they realise this as they want to move too fast!

Amazing Life Changing Results will follow fast!

Yes, this is built specifically for busy professionals.  We know how hard it is to juggle a high-level career, social life and raising a family. So, we designed a health and wellbeing plan that’s tailored around your life and your schedule.

Once we find the Pivot Point (after 2 weeks of mindset coaching), you will be amazed on how quickly you will see how your motivation and desire for change will follow right away!

We establish the habits and changes to get results that will last – no short-term fad plans!

If you give your all to the program and be willing to be honest with yourself and your coach, you will see Amazing Life-Changing Results in your Health, Confidence, Mindset, Career & Personal life!

Yes! We designed this program specifically to help busy professionals get results!

We show you how to show up and make time for all aspects of your life through proven coaching and self-reflection strategies that actually work!

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