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I'm Simon Dalton, Founder of Pivot Point Coaching.

From former Senior Business Advisor in a large multinational company, to now running two Successful Coaching Businesses simultaneously, I have personally been through very similar struggles to what YOU are faced with daily – Busy days with no time to work on your health, fitness or life goals!

You may feel there are not enough hours in the day to complete all your daily tasks, never mind finding the time to to take care of your health or spend quality hours with your family and loved ones.

I have set up Pivot Point Coaching to make it my mission to help people just like yourself, become the best version of themselves mentally, physically and socially.

We focus firstly on your day-to-day or weekly schedule to find small daily/weekly improvements and see where we can find time for your values (i.e. things you are passionate about outside your work.

This leads to you actually enjoying the process, learning deeper about your passions and values, and getting awesome end-results, both physically & mentally – DOUBLE BONUS!!!

By approaching your health in this way, you will start to shift your mindset, and have a new way of looking at your life and your health!

Sure work, and career related goals are super important, but it doesn’t have to be either or. Even though I now run 2 businesses, I always make it a non-negotiable goal to find time for my 3 passions in life… keeping healthy, my family and travelling.

What are your own passions and values that maybe you have forgotten about or let slip over the past few years?

Your Pivot Point Coaching Program is specifically designed to encompass all your life goals and passions, so that you come out the other end with improvements in both your physical and mental health and ready to take on any new challenge going forward in your life!

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\ Introducing the Pivot Point Coaching Program & Why it will work for you!

“I am here to understand your true needs, your real pain points, life values and fitness goals and develop a personalised plan encompassing the real areas that would make greatest change for you, to make your life as a whole better, not only your physical fitness!”

– Simon Dalton – Head Coach @ Pivot Point Coaching

The Pivot Point Coaching System™ comprises of 3 distinct phases proven to obtain the best results possible in just 12 weeks!


“Prescription without diagnosis is malpractice.”

We are all different – so to make a personalised plan that will work for you we first need to analyse your current situation to build a plan for your future goals!

Areas we look at:

  • Current Body & Desired Body Goals
  • Past Training Experience
  • Your Weekly Schedule
  • Your Career
  • Training Preferences and Program Design
  • Nutrition Preferences and Nutrition Plan Design
  • Your Current Mindset & Value Systems
  • Your Real Why?
  • All other relevant areas


“Solid Foundations / Habits equal Results that stand the test of time!”

Areas we look at:

  • Start Slow – Finish Fast!
  • We do this by focusing on 2-3 simple goals each week as part of a structured plan that we develop together with you.
  • Over just a short period of time, this adds up to massive compounding changes longer-term.
  • We analyse What you CAN do and improve that incrementally each week
  • Everything is monitored, training, nutrition, and most importantly your feelings and mindset!
  • In this stage we build confidence and consistency and change your limiting beliefs

Where most people have most likely failed in the past, its usually due to this stage not being done correctly, or even not included in their previous programs, as some coaches just don’t get the importance of this stage!

This is key to building life-long success with your health and fitness – You learn to become Self-sufficient!


“Compounding Awesome Habits accelerates Results!”

Areas we look at:

This is the fun stage! This is where the magic happens in your mind!

This is where the hardest part of my job can sometimes be done!

I pull back and even have to hold some people back here as their confidence in through the roof, after 2 months of seeing results both in their body but more so in their mind!

We use this stage to test limits, try new things and also build a plan for the future track!

Can you see how this is maybe what you have been lacking all this time? 

Maybe before you worked with a coach that just got you straight into an unsustainable diet plan or gym routine?

Maybe you even got some good initial results in the first few weeks, but then fell off the wagon or got back in your rut a short time later?

By getting to the real issues, and building you up from the foundation, we will see real life-long changes!

You will see results in quicker overall time period, by starting slow and then building real momentum and progress each week!


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